Friday, November 28, 2008


well my mother called me last week and said she wanted to have thanksgiving at my house. of course we live so far away from my fam the only ones that could come were the ones that rode with her. it was my mom and step dad, my sisters, abbie, allie, anna, and angel and my brother austen. they all went and picked up andy at the airport wednesday night. i had to work so i didn't go to the airport.

i met them at vista grande. a mexican restaurant. it was fun with the 10 of us eating out. especially since my fam is so entertaining. andy told us a few things about life in iraq and allie entertained us with her gullibility. you can get her to believe anything!

mom and doc rented a hotel room so our apartment wouldn't be so crowded. angel went with them b/c she wanted to go swimming. the next morning i woke up at 8:30 and they were all up already! andy, anna, austen and i played monopoly until mom got there. andy won. then mom and i cooked a small lunch and prepared the food for thanksgiving. mom kept telling me to sit down and that i shouldn't be on my feet so much but i didn't want her to have to do everything!

we ended up eating around 1:30 and it was delicious! then we played uno and scategories. my family loves board games!! anna beat us all pretty bad at uno. and doc won scategories. we had pumpkin pie and brownies for dessert. i made brownies b/c i hate pie! after dessert my family headed back to macon. it would be 8 before they got back. brad and i went over to his parents for about an hour. he has so many relatives that every family event there's a good 10 people there that i don't even recognize. we were both so exhausted that we didn't stay long. it was a nice thanksgiving! i'm sad i have to wait until christmas to see them all again....

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Amy R said...

Sounds nice. Glad you had a fun day.