Tuesday, November 25, 2008

little brother and sister...

last weekend my baby brother and sister, zackary and lindsey. came up to st louis to visit for the night. well they're not babies anymore. zack is 9 years old and lindsey is 7. they'll always be the babies of the family though.
it was fun having them here. lindsey and i made bacon and eggs for dinner then we made and frosted sugar cookies. then we took them to brad's cousin's first birthday party. there were a few kids there that were their age so they had a lot of fun. actually it was 4 hours later before i could get them out of there. it was late when we got home so we just watched a movie and went to bed.
the next day i was still fighting this cold that i can't seem to get rid of so we stayed home. zack and brad played xbox and lindsey watched hairspray. later brad, zack and lindsey finger painted. i made a chain counting down the days until van is born. here's a few pics from this weekend! all in all it was great spending time with them! of course if i wasn't already pregnant they would have been great birth control!


Erich and Tanis said...

Funny how kids always make the best birth control! Lol!

Amy R said...

How fun!