Monday, November 17, 2008

family fun shots!

I went to my mom's this weekend for anna's play and her 16th birthday. we set up a spot in the living room for taking pics. these are some of the fun pictures we took. we had a blast just being silly!

this is my sister, anna kaye

this first one is of my sisters angel and anna, the second pic is of my sisters, allie, anna and abbie. allie has a brownie in her mouth so abbie's laughing at her. the third one is of all 4 of them.

these 2 are of all of my mom's girls. allie, angel, anna, me, audrey and abbie. it's hard to get a serious picture out of my family!

jezlyn is such a good sport. she must be used to having her picture taken! she was soaking it up until we tried to put her in the pumpkin! then she was so sad it still breaks my heart when i see the pictures.
here's my niece, erica and my sister, angel. they're in the same grade. then brad and i posed for some shots.
prego belly shots. here's brad and i trying to decide who's belly is bigger. brad always jokes that i have a bun in the oven and he has a loaf.

it had been a good 5 minutes since we jook jezlyn's picture so she had to get in front of the camera again. she's lucky she is so dang cute!

now she wants to get behind the camera.

this is a scarf that angel made me. isn't is beautiful??
then of course we had to get one more of jezlyn. she's has the prettiest eyes. i just love her to death!
i took like over 200 pics. these are just a few of my favorites! my family is so entertaining to be around. i probably would have taken more if i had more room on my compactflash card.


Amber Marie Smith-Pikey said...

ok i don't know what i'm doing wrong but when ever i put up pics and write about them it rearranges it when i post it. so if you're having trouble reading my posts or can't figure out why i put the pictures all crazy it's b/c i didn't. and i don't know how to fix it.

Nick & Amanda Long said...

I can't believe how cute your family is!!! I remember when Angel was a baby! CRAZY!

Amy R said...

Look at all those girls! How fun!

I hate trying to put pictures on blogger. I stopped trying to be creative with it and now they're always just centered.

Jess and Carl said...

You're posts are still fantastic! I love the pictures! I think you could be a natural model!! :) Love you!