Monday, July 26, 2010

moved my blog

i probably won't be posting on this site anymore. i've made a page at i also have one for my photography called

i hope to see you all there!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

my puppy

Van has this puppy that sings and says things when you push his paws that he got for Christmas and it's been one of his favorite toys since then. The other night he was in the living room playing with it when he ran to his bedroom. He came back pushing it in his hippo that you can ride on. It was the cutest thing!! I love my little munchkin so much!!!

Alligator Creek

me and my baby! he stole my sunglasses!
van was adament that he was going to plug those holes with his fingers even when they were spraying him in the face!

there really was a lot of pressure coming out of those things but he got it!

Vanderlei and I were DYING from the heat yesterday so we just HAD to go swimming! Vanny love love love's water! He had a blast just running around and playing in the water! He was really good while we were there. They had the big pool closed off that day for some reason and it was way over crowded but we had fun. Van loves it when you hold him and he can kick his feet like he's swimming! Next time i'll take a waterproof camera so I can get better pictures...

it's been awhile

i kept procrastinating posting on here b/c i was behind but i'm just going to post the most recent stuff and go on. things are going great for us!

we're finally able to move out of the in-laws! not that i don't appreciate all that they have done for us but i'm ready for it to be my little family! we found the perfect place for us in columbia. it's a little past our price range but it's worth it! we'll make due! i'll take pictures when we move. it's kind of nice that we can take our time moving our stuff too.

brad will be officially moving in the last week of august when school starts. van and i are staying in o'fallon until the end of september so i can help finish the remodel at my warrenton store. but we'll be going to columbia on the weekends. i'm so excited to move back to my friends and closer to my family! anyway, hopefully i'll be better about posting more frequently!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

first time vanny danced


so pretty much this was the best Christmas ever! i love every single minute of Christmas with Vanderlei! he makes the whole season a million times more fun! he, of course, was very spoiled this year. pop pop had a lot to do with it! he is growing like a little weed! audi got him 18 month pjs and i thought they would be big on him but they're almost too small! he is quite the chub-a-lub!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

great forest park balloon race

jessica got onto me for not blogging more (hehehe) so i'm going to TRY!

this is my sister-in-law, sheri and her nieces...

this was a really neat event and it was free! they had pony rides for the kids and play houses. they had a lot of tents set up with businesses set up in them. curves had one. they also had these trampoline gymnast kids there that were amazing!

these are pictures from when brad and i took van to the hot air balloon race. it was so windy that day that the balloons were supposed to go up at noon but they didn't go up until after 5pm. we had to leave before them but sheri took some pictures of them for me.

van was so cute! he just LOVES being outdoors.