Sunday, July 11, 2010

it's been awhile

i kept procrastinating posting on here b/c i was behind but i'm just going to post the most recent stuff and go on. things are going great for us!

we're finally able to move out of the in-laws! not that i don't appreciate all that they have done for us but i'm ready for it to be my little family! we found the perfect place for us in columbia. it's a little past our price range but it's worth it! we'll make due! i'll take pictures when we move. it's kind of nice that we can take our time moving our stuff too.

brad will be officially moving in the last week of august when school starts. van and i are staying in o'fallon until the end of september so i can help finish the remodel at my warrenton store. but we'll be going to columbia on the weekends. i'm so excited to move back to my friends and closer to my family! anyway, hopefully i'll be better about posting more frequently!


Amy said...

We'll miss you, but I'm glad you get to have your own home finally.

Amber Marie Smith-Pikey said...

thanks amy! i'm going to miss you guys too!