Saturday, November 1, 2008

my first blog entry...ever!

i'm married to a wonderful man who continues to amaze me daily! i used to wonder if i could spend every day with the same person and not need my space. and now i can't spend a day away and not miss my husband. he really does "cherish" me. his name is bradley allan pikey.

we're expecting our first baby. i'm exactly 6 months today! i'm due february 20th. it's a boy! after trying and trying to convince brad that van is a funny name if finally gave in. it's really growing on me. my baby van. his name will be van allan pikey. all i can think about out is how i just can't wait to hold him. i love him more and more everyday! i had my 3rd surgery for endometriosis in april and i always thought i would have to adopt if i wanted children so he really is my miracle baby!

we currently live in o'fallon, mo. we've lived here for a year now. i'm getting used to the "city" life. i miss the small town life but it is nice having everything so close. our lease runs out on our apartment the first of december. we had originally planned on moving to scott, la then to spend some time with my grandparents, uncle and cousins but with a baby on the way and me being a momma's girl we decided to stay in mo for a while. we're moving in with brad's parents until we find a bigger place to live. so hopefully just until van's born.

i was working full time for anderson merchandisers. although a hectic job i really enjoyed it and i was good at it. but my baby's health is so important to me that i quit. i got a part time job at curves. i think i'm going to like it a lot. it's a very relaxed environment and it encourages me to exercise and eat healthier.

brad works for a-z laminating. pretty much they make cabinets, dining room sets, and other furniture. he likes it there and it gives him an inside view on woodworking. his real dream is to build and customize bass guitars. he's working on his first one right now.

i've recently started dabbling in photography. i have no idea what i'm doing but i'm getting better. i got a professional camera in july and i'm finally getting the hang of it. i'm going to have to take a class on it and lighting and photoshopping before i'll really feel good about it. until then it's good to have a nice camera to capture all the wonderful moments in my life!

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Amy R said...

I'm so happy for you guys. And really glad you have a blog now!