Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i should be cleaning...

just wanted to write a quick note because i'm procrastinating getting up and cleaning. tomorrow is thanksgiving! i can't wait! i'm so hungry just thinking about it. i ended up having to work today. i think i could get out of it if i really tried but we need the money so i'm just going to do it.

my little brother, andy is flying in today from germany. he's been in iraq for about a year and a half and just got back to germany a couple weeks ago. he's in the army. infantry. he wanted to be like his big brother that's a navy seal but andy's just too nice! he gets to be home for 40 days then he's back to germany. his 4 years is up in february and he doesn't plan on re-enlisting. so he'll be moving home soon too! he's always been the comedian of our family. when he was little he told mom he didn't want to be called andy anymore. when mom asked him what he wanted his name to be he said "funny boy".

so mom is going to bring abbie, allie, anna, austen, and angel up from macon and along with my step dad and brad they're going to meet him at the airport. i get off work at 5 and his flight comes in at 5:18 so i'll just be waiting at home for them to get back. mom rented a hotel room so half of the kids are staying with me and half are staying at the hotel tonight. tomorrow mom and i are going to cook dinner! and at some point we're going to try to make an appearance at brad's parents too! at least i know with my crazy family the next two days will be eventful!

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Amy R said...

Have fun! That sounds like a lot of craziness, but it's the way Thanksgiving should be.