Sunday, November 9, 2008


well i prayed and prayed that God would give me a baby someday. i never thought i'd be pushing 30 before i had a child. when i was diagnosed with endometriosis i had pretty much accepted that i would be adopting someday. then this april i had to have another laproscopy which just reinforced my thinking that i would never be able to have my own children. 2 months later i found out i was 6 weeks pregnant!! my little miracle baby!

i called my baby pooky until i found out the gender.
this is what he looked like at 9 weeks. like a little bean! but he was there and in the uterus. my doctor was worried b/c of the recent surgery that it might be a tubal pregnancy.

at 18 weeks, september 18, 2008 brad and his dad, richard and i went to find out what the gender was. it was a boy!! we had decided that if it was a girl her name would be brooklyn rae and if it was a boy his name would be van allan. so now i have baby van in my belly!

the pic on the left is his profile and the pic on the right is of his baby manhood. he'll probably never forgive me for posting it online but oh well. he weighed approximately 9 ounces.

at 21weeks i had another ultrasound because he wouldn't cooperate during the first one and there was also a small flash they saw in his heart they wanted to keep an eye on.

here's his profile. they said he weighed approximately a pound here. the average weight at 21 weeks is 12 ounces so he's a healthy boy. the flash in his heart wasn't as noticeable either. it was a little scary because the flash meant there was a 2-4 percent chance that he has down syndrome but my blood test came back negative too. the doctor said that the flash could have been because i was so little it was a reflection of the ultrasound.

so far i'm 25 weeks along. and i really think he's going to be a ninja! he kicks me 24 hours a day. i wonder if he ever sleeps! it's reassuring though. at least i know he's still ok. although it does get tiring that he won't sit still!!! brad felt him kick for sure for the first time a couple days ago. it used be that as soon as brad put his hand on my belly he'd stop kicking. now nothing stops him! we've decided that we're going to name him vanderlei allan pikey. brad served his mission in brasil and speaks portuguese fluently. vanderlei is a portuguese name. i found out that a well known UFC fighter from brasil that is named vanderlei silva. which is fitting because van's a ninja.

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