Saturday, July 11, 2009

our little family

i'm going to try to be better about writing on here more often....but who knows if i'll actually do it.

this last week brad's brother, rob and his wife, sheri went with us to a park to take a few family pictures! i'm usually the one behind the camera and if not me, brad is. so we only have like 3 pictures of me, brad and van all in one picture!! rob did a pretty good job. we had to wake van up from his nap to take them so he wasn't the happiest baby in these pictures but at least he wasn't crying!


Jess and Carl said...

What a good looking family! I love all of the new photos!

Ben Bollinger Family said...

Hey Amber its Heather you have such a cute little family Van is so handsome i hope we can stay in contact talk to you later.