Monday, June 15, 2009

my baby van is 4 months old!

my little angel gets bigger (and cuter!!) every day! i can't take it! i keep telling him to stop growing but he's not listening to me already. we made a deal yesterday. i love his little toothless smile so much that we decided he could get bigger but he could never grow teeth! i don't think he'll his word on that one but i can always hope!

i think this is my favorite month of his life yet! well nothing can top the day he was born but i'm loving 4 month vanderlei! everyone made fun of me because i swore that i was going to get the first time van rolled over on video. and i have hours of van just laying there! of course i proved everyone wrong!!! the night before van turned 4 months old (6/11/09) he rolled over!! from his back to his tummy! i was SOOO happy that brad and i both got to see it!

so far 4 month van still love, love, loves bath time! his face lights up just hearing the water come on! all you have to say is "splash splash" and van's one hyper baby! we put his little bathtub down inside the tub so when ever he makes a noise it echoes. he "talks" his whole bath! i tried to talk to my sister the other day while van was taking a bath and i couldn't hear her over van! it's so adorable though! he talks a lot actually. not just in the bath. he's so funny too. he kicks and kicks until he's in the deepest part of the tub. he likes to get so far under the water that his legs are hanging off the side and his ears are under water. it makes me laugh! he also pees almost every time in the water. i've gotten to where i hold him so just his legs are in the water for just a minute then i pull him out so he doesn't pee in the water.

he's also realized he can blow bubbles and he does it all day long! of course he already drooling because he's starting to teeth so we spend most of the day wiping his mouth!

i love that he loves food so much. i'm not talking about formula or rice cereal (he definitely loves to eat those) but i'm talking about no matter what we are eating his eyes get so big and he follows every bite you take!

he gets more and more animated every day too! i love his many faces! he smiles on demand all the time now. he also laughs daily now. it's the funniest laugh i ever heard! i wish i could bottle it up and listen to it forever!

anyway, i could go on and on all day about how cute my kid is! i just love being vanderlei's mommy so much!


Amy R said...

What a cutie. Before you know it he'll be crawling. Then life is never the same!

Kristal said...

He is definetly a cute little guy! Every stage your child goes through is so much fun to watch, even though it's hard sometimes to watch them grow up so fast! I'm glad you are loving motherhood.

Jess and Carl said...

So adorable! Love how big he is and that you finally posted! I love every stage, but just wait until the crawling starts... it's so funny to watch them get up on all four and rock back and forth trying so hard just to biff it... I think I love every stage though! Ryan is so close to crawling it's scary! Love you girl!

Matt & April Herman said...

Yay Van! He is so chubby! That is my favorite:) I love fat babies. bailey was so fat, it was awesome:) I am so glad you love being a mom. Just keep that in mind when he hits 2 and 3 yrs old:):) Love you tons!